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#100 – Little Girls in Pretty Boxes

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Just finished book #100 of the challenge this afternoon. It was Joan Ryan’s Little Girls in Pretty Boxes, an expose of the cruel and chilling world of figure skating and gymnastics.

Coming from my utter lack of knowledge of both of those sports, perhaps I found the book a little too shocking. Things have surely improved since it was first published, but still, I wonder how much of these changes cannot be undone? The ages of the athletes have plummeted, the skills they need have climbed through the roof and the methods are brutal and primal at best.

It blew me away ,more then anything I’ve read in a long time, that a grown man could scream in the face of a 12-yea old girl that she looks like like a swollen cow.

It was a pretty bleak book to start off with. The next book on the list – Joe McGinniss’ The Miracle of Castel di Sangro – promises to be a little lighter. One down, 99 to go. Review after the break.

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