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Arts & Crafts at ten: their ten best releases

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Ten years ago, Broken Social Scene released their second record You Forgot It In People. With some help from Paper Bag Records, it was the first album on the Arts & Crafts label, with the iconic bar of color down the side. The label started as a way to release music made by the band it’s associates, but within a few years it started releasing albums from outside talent: The Most Serene Republic, New Buffalo and American Analog Set, among others.

Soon, it’d become one of the best labels in the country. Known for it’s iconic album designs, high quality of releases and a willingness to try new things; they were doing digital downloads as far back as 2005. While they’re more or less committed to a certain style of indie rock, the label’s made interesting expansions over the years. In recent years, they’ve released the lush acoustic rock of Timber Timbre, the spooky, powerful music of Cold Specks and even managed to land Bloc Party.

As the label turns ten, I’ve offered up my ten favorite records on the label. It’s something of a fluid list: most of these spots are interchangeable, depending on my mood, and on another given day, I might swap one or two out for a few others. But don’t hold that against them: by and large, Arts & Crafts has been steady in it’s releases. There’s only been a handful of albums they’ve released I’d consider subpar and off the top of my head, I can’t really think of any total flops (although I’m probably not going to be listening to Valley of the Giants any time soon). Read the rest of this entry »

The Most Interesting Tweeting Toronto-types

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About a week ago, Sports Illustrated put together it’s top 100 sports tweeters and a few days ago, Deadspin followed with a list of the worst sports twitter accounts. Neither list really means much because: SI doesn’t exactly have any criteria other than people who tweet about sports/work in the sports media/are popular athletes so it’s no better than just seeing who gets RT’d the most; Deadspin’s list is a hilarious piece of satire and it’s cool that people are taking it seriously.

But then, making a list of Who’s Best/Worst/Funniest/Etc/Ad Infinitum is also completely pointless because people use Twitter different ways. Some use it to keep up on news, others to spread news and others to make funny jokes. I can’t tell you the best people to follow because what I expect from Twitter is probably not what you expect. You’re probably better off making your own decisions.

That said, what follows is a list of what I deem the most interesting Toronto Twitter peoples: people who tweet stuff about Toronto sports which is either funny, interesting or at least post links to good stuff. It’s by no means definitive, is probably stuffed with bias towards the Jays and Raptors (I still don’t know of a good Argos-centric Twitter person) and includes a few people who don’t live in the GTA or even tweet about Toronto stuff, but are still worth it for people in the 905, 416 and maybe even the 705. Read the rest of this entry »

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September 22, 2012 at 2:37 pm