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Further Notes From the Bottom of the Sports World

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I wouldn’t normally ask something like this, but is it just me or does ESPN have it in for Toronto?

ESPN The Magazine, everyone’s favorite sports glossy with an unwieldy name, recently named the Toronto Maple Leafs the worst team, of all teams among the four majors. They ranked behind the Cleveland Browns, the Los Angeles Clippers and the Columbus Blue Jackets. They even ranked behind the Sacramento Kings, whose owners are doing everything they can to make the city of Sacramento hate them.

One wonders how poorly the Leafs would’ve faired if MLS were included in the list: certainly the Toronto FC are just as awful. And what if other leagues were included? Remember, a Grantland columnist once called Toronto the worst sports city in the world, which means it’s worse than Pyongyang, Tehran or Freetown.

Unlike that ranking, the Leafs one comes with some justification: teams were ranked in categories like Bang For the Buck, Fan Relations, Affordability and Title Track, because RINGS BABY, THAT’S WHAT MATTERS. Read the rest of this entry »