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I’m M., a 20-something freelance writer who enjoys writing, media and writing about sports. In addition to North of the 400, I also run Extended Play, a blog about books, TV, music, whatever. Currently, I write about music at Bearded Gentlemen Music and about the NBA at Flagrant Fowls. Previously, I was a featured writer for The Good Point, a feature-based sportswriting site (think Grantland with less footnotes) and editor at the late Flashfact, a pop culture blog. Some of those columns have been republished here, others at Extended Play.

In addition to these blogs, I’ve also written for Hardwood Paroxysm, The Canadian Sports Media Blog, The Toronto Review of BooksThe Durham College Chronicle , and elsewhere. Want me to write for you? Hit me up on Twitter!

Oh, and the blog name is a reference to this thing, which I live north of.

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North of the 400’s Greatest Hits

The further I go into my archives, the more I start going “What was I thinking?” and “Why did I break every sentence up into it’s own paragraph?” Still, there’s a few stories I’ve written over the year which aren’t half-bad. Here’s some of my favorite posts from seven-plus years of sports blogging.

Jack McCallum and the Basketball Book Pantheon (July 2012)

MacGregor gets it wrong, even though he’s right (November 2011)

Words from the worst sports city in the world (September 2011)

Canada’s team, Canada’s sport, Canada’s national migrane (June 2011)

Just asking a question about Damien Cox asking a question (August 2010)

Awarding the sports Pulitzers (April 2010)

Best Sports Books of the Decade (December 2009)

Taking a bite out of the Air Canada Centre’s new menu (November 2009)

Sidney Crosby is a player under pressure (March 2009)

A Completely Unacceptable Situation (August 2006)

A Final Memo From the Ugly Seats (November 2005)

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June 28, 2009 at 8:41 pm

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