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The Most Interesting Tweeting Toronto-types

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About a week ago, Sports Illustrated put together it’s top 100 sports tweeters and a few days ago, Deadspin followed with a list of the worst sports twitter accounts. Neither list really means much because: SI doesn’t exactly have any criteria other than people who tweet about sports/work in the sports media/are popular athletes so it’s no better than just seeing who gets RT’d the most; Deadspin’s list is a hilarious piece of satire and it’s cool that people are taking it seriously.

But then, making a list of Who’s Best/Worst/Funniest/Etc/Ad Infinitum is also completely pointless because people use Twitter different ways. Some use it to keep up on news, others to spread news and others to make funny jokes. I can’t tell you the best people to follow because what I expect from Twitter is probably not what you expect. You’re probably better off making your own decisions.

That said, what follows is a list of what I deem the most interesting Toronto Twitter peoples: people who tweet stuff about Toronto sports which is either funny, interesting or at least post links to good stuff. It’s by no means definitive, is probably stuffed with bias towards the Jays and Raptors (I still don’t know of a good Argos-centric Twitter person) and includes a few people who don’t live in the GTA or even tweet about Toronto stuff, but are still worth it for people in the 905, 416 and maybe even the 705.

Mainstream Media People

Michael Grange –

Maybe best known for his book Leafs AbomiNation, or as the guy behind From Deep, the best basketball thing the Globe and Mail ever put together, Grange now writes for and Sportsnet Magazine. Mostly he writes about the NHL now, but occasionally touches on other sports.

Bruce Arthur – The National Post

Okay, so you probably follow Arthur already. And it’s notable he ranked pretty high on both SI’s and Deadspin’s list. But as the best newspaper columnist in the GTA, I’d be remiss not the include him.

John Lott – The National Post

The Blue Jays beat reporter for the Post, his blanket coverage of the Jays is a must: he pumps out game stories and off-day features, occasionally answers followers questions and litters his account with observations and quotes.

Eric Smith – Sportsnet Radio 590 The Fan

The colour commentator and occasional studio voice for the Raptors radio broadcast, Smith is good for his in-game tweets (which I certainly find helpful when I’m not near a TV/radio) and for reactions to news about the team.

Richard Griffin – The Toronto Star

The baseball columnist for the Star, Griffin’s been around for years and covered the Jays since 1995. Besides his column, he writes a decent mailbag-based blog over at the Star’s website, too. He’s another guy who tweets a lot about in-game action and little tidbits from his reporting, but he adds some analysis and opinion in there too, which is nice.

Mike Wilner – Sportsnet Radio 590, The Fan

The studio host for Jays broadcasts and host of the always-fun postgame call-in show JaysTalk (Toronto’s best summer crazies, every night after the Jays lose!) Wilner’s great for his deep knowledge of the Jays and their farm system, for being one of the first MSM types to dabble in advanced stats and for being a voice of reason in a crazed market. Also, he was once banned from the Jays locker room for pissing off Cito Gaston and anyone who does that is probably okay in my book.

Eric Koreen – The National Post

Lead basketball writer for the Post, Koreen’s stuff is invaluable for Raptor fans and really any NBA fan in the GTA. Also tweets a bunch about TV and music, which is nice if you have similar tastes. I do, so it’s cool.

Others worth looking into: Steve Buffery, Dave Feschuk, Paul Jones, Bob Elliot, Shi Davidi

The Toronto Blogosphere

 James Borbath – Dino Nation Blog, Bleacher Report

A rarity in the Toronto market: a blogger who cares about the Raptors above all in the GTA, except maybe the Ti-Cats. His blog covers the Raptors all year long, even during the summer months when the newspapers have their beat guys writing about the Jays.

Gregor Chrisholm –

The Jays beat guy for’s coverage of the team, Chrisholm’s stuff is more or less restricted to the internet, but does a good job on their beat, especially in his Jays notebook posts. His account is interesting, too: lots of stats and info plus he’s good at answering questions, too.

Down Goes Brown – Grantland, National Post,

Come for the hockey jokes, stay for the loveable Leaf-fan attitude that’s rooted in the team falling apart but doesn’t take itself too seriously (as so many turgid Leaf fans do). Has a book coming out this fall, too.

Arsenalist and Tom Liston – Raptors Republic

There’s a lot of good stuff at Raptors Republic, but these two are the best of the bunch. Arsenalist does the majority of the recaps and posts and is always good as a voice of reason for the team. Liston, on the other hand, is great for his advanced stats work under the Statophile banner which manages to deal with charts and numbers without ever getting dull.

Tao of Stieb –, Tao of Stieb

He’s not a resident of the GTA – I think he’s based up near the Rideau Canal – but one of the best voices on the Jays out there: he’s thoughtful, doesn’t rush to conclusions and more or less acts like a voice of reason. Basically, he’d never be able to write for the Sun’s sports section. Also, he’s got good taste in music.

Chemmy, MLSE – Pension Plan Puppets

Both accounts are pretty fun, and Chemmy’s pretty good at riling up people on occasion, and both are at the top for Leafs-centric blogging.

Josh – A Rogue Point

Not a GTA guy and doesn’t report on anything happening in Toronto, but his TV listings information is invaluable for any sports fan in Toronto. Want to know where to find a certain NFL game? If you’ll have to find CHEX for this week’s Leaf game? Are the Raptors going to be playing tonight on a channel I get? It’s all there, plus more.

Others worth looking into: Cam Charron, Eric Rosenhek, Mop Up Duty, April Whitzman, Adam Francis, The 506,

Some I forgot to include: Drunk Jays Fans, Mike Hogan, Don Landry

Also, I threw together a list of these accounts on Twitter to make this whole process easier than picking and choosing between them all.


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September 22, 2012 at 2:37 pm

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