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Elsewhere: Dream Team, Nordic Pop and the Montreal Expos

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Things are getting pretty ugly with the Jays, so look for a post on that forthwith. But until you do, here’s a few links to some of my stuff that’s appeared elsewhere.

Earlier today, the Toronto Review of Books ran my review of Jack McCallum’s history of the 1992 Olympics, Dream Team. From my essay:

And when McCallum covers familiar ground, like Bird reluctantly accepting a role on the team or Jordan covering up a Reebok logo with a flag during the medal ceremony, he sheds new light on these stories with his access. Everybody involved, including McCallum himself (who covered this team for Sports Illustrated), remembers everything clearly, from on-court play to playing off of it, in all-night high-stakes card games at the hotel. It’s a fascinating behind-the-scenes look.

Click here to read the whole thing!

Meanwhile, over at Flashfact, my latest music column takes a look at several Scandinavian indie acts I like and you might like, too. Click here to check it out and listen to some nice tunes, too!

Finally, The Good Point ran a piece of mine on Monday, where I look at the surging and playoff-bound Washington Nationals and wonder what connection they still have to the Montreal Expos. Can a finally successful team be the spiritual successor to the longtime loser? And is that a legacy they want?

This is the year the Nationals are putting it all together: Strasberg will finish with a 15-6 record, a 3.16 ERA and a 2.6 WAR. Now starting at first base, Adam LaRoche is hitting with an .842 OPS and Ian Desmond’s OPS is .846. As a team, the Nationals are second in the NL in home runs (172), fourth in OPS (.749) and first in ERA (3.28). Their wins total tops both leagues and gives them a comfortable division lead. As the season winds down, the Nationals might be the best team in baseball.

As they get set for the postseason, is it worth it to keep thinking back to what could have been in Olympic Stadium?

Click here to read the whole thing.


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September 19, 2012 at 10:59 pm

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