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The Good Point: The Passion Player

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Tim Tebow is polarizing like nobody else in sports. He simultaneously represents everything overwrought about pro sports – the moralizing, the forced storylines, the hype and hyperbole – while at the same time, representing everything to love: the come-from-behind victory, the modest victor, the genuine person.

The cliche is Love Him or Hate Him, but with Tebow there’s preciously little room between the two extremes: it’s hard to find anyone in the middle ground. We all know the person who’s drinking the flavor-aid on him and we all know the person who loathes him. But are these two opinions based solely on Tebow – or on preconceived notions from somewhere else entirely?

There’s nobody in sports right now as polarizing, decisive or cool as Tim Tebow. It’s not just a question of religion, politics or even quarterbacking. The divide he creates is more than that; it’s more personal.
I have a friend who, in most other cases, is a rational person. She is not the kind who jumps headfirst into anything or considers alternative viewpoints and has worked as an insurance adjuster. But she hates Tebow. She thinks he’s arrogant, overrated and a fluke. She uses the phrase “Sheblow” to refer to the quarterback. She is not alone, but we disagree.
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Written by M.

January 13, 2012 at 4:12 pm

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