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A tribute to Quincy Douby + NFL Week 10 Picks

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Qunicy Douby, we hardly knew ye.

Really. You only ever played 73 minutes in Toronto.

And now you’re gone, cut down in middle of your short NBA career. You were released today the Raptors after spending the beginning of this season on the inactive roster.

What did we know about you?

The press release on the Raptors home page says that you averaged three points a game in the preseason. You rode the bench a lot. Actually you rocked the tweed, one supposes, since you weren’t actually active at all this season.

We know you had a unibrow, which was memorable and will live on in many jokes I make while drinking.

We know your NBA career has been a huge letdown, unfortunately, after a pretty successful college stint. It’s easy to forget, but at Rutgers you set a scoring record and kept them in some huge games.

It was nice to see flashes of that in the summer league. You lit up for 18 points a game, scoring a high of 21 against Detroit in early July. You showed capable skills for a guard in limited amounts of play. Your assist to turnover ratio was nearly 2:1. That’s not awful for summer league, I suppose. You led the Raptors summer squad in scoring, too. That was nice.

Really though, Douby, you gotta admit that you got quite a bit from a 10-day contract. When you were signed back in April I didn’t think much of it. You were there to replace Marcus Banks – big shoes to fill.

You did fine, rode that pine like a pro.

I kid. You weren’t all bench. I remember you could defend and you scored once in a while. For what was asked, you did okay.

So, thanks for that. It was cool.


Douby, Douby

I’ll miss your shaved ‘do

And I’m still crazy

About the eyebrow built for two

It’ll be an easy transition

Since Banks can play your position

But it looks like now

We’ll be sans ‘brow

Your eyebrow built for two


God, that was an ugly game on Thursday. It’s been a bad season for the Bears – they’ve fallen a long way in a short period.

So have I, though, since I didn’t make any picks for a while. So here’s some quick ones (home team in CAPS):

  • Atlanta over CAROLINA
  • MIAMI over Tampa Bay
  • MINNESOTA over Detroit
  • Jacksonville over NY JETS
  • New Orleans over ST. LOUIS
  • PITTSBURGH over Cincinnati
  • TENNESSEE over Buffalo
  • Denver over WASHINGTON
  • OAKLAND over Kansas City
  • Seattle over ARIZONA
  • Dallas over GREEN BAY
  • Philadelphia over SAN DIEGO
  • INDIANAPOLIS over New England
  • Baltimore over CLEVELAND

Written by M.

November 14, 2009 at 7:34 pm

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