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Third annual NHL Playoff picks – Western Conference

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And here’s part two, with my western picks, briefly:

San Jose over Anahiem

First, the Sharks are good. Nabakov has been excellent this season, winning 41 games and posting a goals-against of 2.44. And they’re a solid offensive team, even now Jonathan Cheechoo’s scoring touch has all but vanished. The Ducks will be hard pressed to match them.

Detroit over Columbus

A popular pick this spring is to choose Columbus and there are pretty solid reasons. Steve Mason has been nothing short of superb this year, etc. But they’re over-thinking it. Detroit’s offence will keep the pressure on Mason and they will get to him. I wouldn’t expect this series to go very long.

Vancouver over St. Louis

Mostly because I think St. Louis is playing with house money since they’ve made it this far. They’re old and Vancouver’s Luongo can come up big in the postseason. I can see this one getting over in a hurry.

Calgary over Chicago

Because Chicago is young and still inexperienced. They remind me of the Penguins of a couple seasons ago, the ones that faced the Sens in the first round. Come next year, they might go a lot deeper, but for now they’ll just give chase to the Flames.

Written by M.

April 15, 2009 at 10:57 am

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