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March Madness Running Blog – Day one

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A pretty quiet opening day by most stretches of the imagination. Two 16 vs 1 games that aren’t even close, a couple of blowout wins and no major upsets.

A couple early game notes, though:

Memphis is crazy lucky they got away with one today. They rode a great shooting day by Roburt Sallie into a win. He was lights out, hitting 10 of 14 from downtown and finished with 35 points as Memphis survived a scare by Cal State Northridge. It was a close one throughout the second half and Memphis only pulled away when Cal went without a basket for four minutes. It was fun for a while, but ended anticlimactically.

Butler/LSU was a pretty solid game, but not really as close as it looked – it was of those games where teams free throws late. I found it kind of dull, to be honest.

UNC and UConn both had convincing wins where they crushed 16 seed teams, but I can’t imagine anybody who didn’t expect that. I didn’t see any of Texas’ victory over BYU, nor any of Purdue’s win, so I can’t comment on them.

The closest thing to an upset I’ve seen today was Maryland putting up a win over Cal, but I’m wont to call it an upset. Maryland has put together a solid season against good teams: they beat UNC and put Duke and Wake Forest (they later beat Wake in the conference tournament) to the test while remaining unranked. They play smart defence and don’t turn the ball over often. I wouldn’t sleep on them.


Written by M.

March 19, 2009 at 11:04 am

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