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Get that dog a coat!

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I know a girl who has two dogs.

And an allergy to pet dander.

However, she loves having pets around, so she did herself a favor and bought these two small, South American hairless dogs. They look vaguely like a chihuahua, but are darker, have less hair and are much uglier.

I’m serious – these things look like giant rats. That live under a Taco Bell. And have never seen daylight, either.

Anyway, since this breed comes from a country where the average low temperature is something like +40 degrees centigrade, they need to wear clothing to keep from freezing to death while indoors.

(Actually, I assume that’s why they wear dog clothing. I have no idea why else they would, except maybe their owner thinks they look cute. And even then, this friend isn’t blind, so that can’t be the case.)

So, imagine if you will these two dogs, looking like oversized rats, wearing a harness and what appears to be a dog-sized jumpsuit. Imagine the look that the other dogs would give them, let alone the neighbors.

Imagine how this makes the dogs feel.

Anyway, I was talking to my friend today when I came up with the latest of my Million Dollar Ideas (TM): Dog Coats!

Think about it – a coat of hair for dogs that don’t have any hair. Less expensive then dog hairplugs and easier to apply then dog Rogaine. It can be zipped on, like a jacket, and people selling them can hang them on a rack.

And it can come in different styles, too. Let’s say you want to impress a girl who, for some reason, really likes German Shepherds. Well, just get the coat for that breed and whammo, you’ve impressed her.

So, think about it. People already buy clothes for their dogs, so why not ones that look like fur?


Written by M.

July 17, 2007 at 10:26 pm

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