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Was it worth it? – Thoughts on the AFC Championship

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The Colts / Patriots game on Sunday was the reason why we have channels like ESPN Classic. A roller coaster ride doesn’t even begin to describe that game – even a fan like me, who happens to have a strong dislike of both teams (In Payton’s case, this dislike evolves into hatred) was enticed by this game: It surely will rank as one of the best games in NFL history.

For a season that has been inconsistent and, well, weird all year long, this was strangely fitting.. The Colts AFC season ended with them finally making it to a Super Bowl by beating one of their biggest rivals (although they still can’t get by the Steelers – not in 1995, not last year…) in New England, although it was at home.

And yet this game left me feeling angry on some level – it was almost infuriating to see Payton being unable to look on the field during the final drive, keeping his head under a towel. It gave me flashbacks to Roger Clemens in the 1986 World Series, with what Bill Simmons once described as a “What now” face…

But then it was over, and Payton, for once, was happy in January.

And it seemed to fit – for one of the most oddball seasons that I can remember, one of the most oddball endings more or less ended it: Payton Manning, the hero of a Colts/Pats playoff and Tom Brady not being able to pull off a final drive.

Still, what a way to end the year.


Written by M.

January 24, 2007 at 9:22 pm

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