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Greatest Game Sixes

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In preparation for game six of the Stanley Cup finals, I’ve compiled what I feel are some of the greatest game sixes in NHL history. They’re in no real order and are by no means THE list – I’m sure I missed some games, espically from before 1980. Enjoy!

2004 Stanley Cup Finals – Tampa Bay @ Calgary
In a double Overtime thriller, Martin St. Louis scores the game winning goal against the same team that let him go in 2000. Tampa easily won game seven at home to win their first Stanley Cup

1993 Western Finals – Toronto @ Los Angeles
The classic “no-hit” game, where Doug Gilmour is high-sticked by Wayne Gretzky shortly before Gretzky scores the OT winner – and the hit was missed by Kerry Fraiser and the series moves back to Toronto for game seven (where Gretzky pulls out one of his best games ever to send the Kings to the Finals for their first time)

1980 Stanley Cup Finals – Philadelphia @ New York Islanders
In 1978 the Islander were upset by Toronto in a classic seven-game series; in 1979 they were upset by the Rangers in just six. But in 1980 Bob Nystrom scores in Overtime to give the Islanders their first Stanley Cup win – the first of four in a row.

1987 Stanley Cup Finals – Edmonton @ Philadelphia

In the 1980s the Oilers were the powerhouse scoring team: Gretzky, Messier, Kurri, et al. And in game six, Ron Hextall put on the show of a lifetime (cruelly forgotten in favor of his wild slash on Nielson in game four) to send the series to seven games – But the rest of the team was unable to keep pace in the seventh game and the Oilers won their third cup in four years

1991 Smyth Finals – Calgary @ Edmonton
In the latest – and arguably best – chapter of the Battle of Alberta, Theo Fluery scores the overtime winner to send the series back to Edmonton for game seven, then slides across the ice on his knees in the celebration that every Canadian has seen something like 20 million times.

1999 Stanley Cup Finals – Dallas @ Buffalo
The infamous “No-goal” game, where Brett Hull scores over a sprawling Dominik Hasek – with his foot in the crease, which at the time would have made the goal illegal – in the third overtime, thus giving the Stars their first Stanley Cup.

1964 Stanley Cup Finals – Toronto @ Detroit

Bob Baun scores the Cup winning overtime goal from the blue line – while skating around on a broken leg (he had ‘frozen’ it with a bucket of ice just minutes before). Need I say more?


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