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I was watching the NBA Playoffs on The Score when I found out the news that everybody has been expecting but was not really sure about: Ricky Williams has offically signed with the Argos.

On a day where Carolina won a OT thriller, where Barry Bonds hit his 715th home run and the Mavericks defence shut down the best offence in the NBA, it was signing of a running back that I’ll remember the most.

Last season the Argos posted a great – 11 wins, 7 losses – record but lost to their rivals from Quebec, the Montreal Alouettes, in an epic 2nd half collapse that I witnessed first hand. It was almost sickening, really – although it’s hard to feel that way when you have free tickets way up in the 500 section, with people drinking copious amounts of liquor, waving around camcorders and lit cigarettes and acting crazy, yelling at a lone Quebecber, who is all too keen to yell right back, like some 21st century Rocket Richard… Right, where was I?

Oh yes, the Ricky Williams signing.

This will be good for the Argos – they don’t really need a running back as much as they do a Quarterback or a wide reciever that can catch a ball in the 4th quarter… but Ricky isn’t just a running back. He’s a player that instantly makes his entire defence better – from drawing extra coverage away from other players, from an explosive abilty to run with the ball and a decent – not that it’ll be used much in the CFL – ability to recieve passes. He could be – okay, is – the cog that could win the Argos a Grey Cup (but the same could be said for any team, really. He could help the Hamburg Blitz win a NFL Europe championship, whatever that’s called, had he signed over there).

And he’s a draw. A name player. Someone who even my grandmother makes jokes about – and will pay to see. And I suspect she’s not alone, either. The Argos haven’t had a name like this since the days of Pinball and Flutie and the Rocket in the 90s.


He came; he saw; he, er, got seven yards of rushing.

So who cares? It’s the Preseason, baby… if the Argo sdecided to run him like they will later in September, they risk getting him hurt – a major no-no for them and their relationship with the Miami Dolphins.

So stop caring that Ricky was barely there – let’s focus on the real issue at hand; Joe “Glass Leg” Theismann’s sudden love of the Argos, the team he ran away from once the Redskins made him an offer and never once looked back.


Written by M.

May 29, 2006 at 3:46 am

Posted in cfl, football

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