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Two stories – one plot

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Story #1: Marcus Vick to attend Miami Dolphins training camp
Story #2: Ricky Williams to play in CFL?

Could it really be happening? Ricky Williams – one of the best running backs in recent memory – playing my local CFL team? I’m not really sure how to feel on this one: The Argos don’t really need a running back (but then again, the Saints didn’t really need one either and they still drafted Reggie Bush) as much as they need a new QB or a decent defense – but this isn’t Jesse Lumsden or the typical running back that finds his way to the CFL. Ricky Williams is one insanely talented running back who can explode all over the field in the NFL – God knows what he’d do in the CFL – and he’s one in a million for Dolphin fans…

Which brings us to that other one-in-a-million player that the Dolphins have a taste for: Marcus “Mark” Vick, who fresh off not being drafted has been invited to their mini-camp this month. And maybe this could work; the Dolphins need a QB (since neither one from last season seemed to be effective and Dante Culpepper may miss a good chunk of the season) and Vick is, if nothing else, a threat as a QB. He’s got speed, he’s a decent passer but he’s also a real threat – He stomped on Elvis Dumervil last season; he’s been arrested a few times and was kicked off his college team in both 2004 and in January 2006…

Which brings us to the “same story” here: Both of these players are great but are also deeply flawed: Ricky may or may not care about football – he abruptly retired for no real reason in 2004, he wasn’t in attendance at his draft and he has a taste for pot (if indeed that is a flaw). When he does, he can be as good as anyone else – but you never know just where his head is at.

Marcus, on the other hand, may care too much: when he loses (Or if things aren’t going quite his way) he is known to flip off the handle, doing anything from stomping other players (like he did in the Gator Bowl) to pulling a gun in a parking lot (as he did shortly after being kicked off Virginia Tech’s team for the final time) to making obscene gestures at hecklers (as he did last October)…

Both of these players are dangerous to any team – and to put them on one team would be worse then having Terrell Owens, Javon Walker and Michael Irvin on the same team: Both of them have too many questions, too much baggage and will surely poison any team they play for. Vick’s obvious temperament problems and Ricky’s lack of focus would be damaging to any team – but when added together and combined with the ego of Dante Culpepper it will be a small wonder if anything gets done at all…

So perhaps it’s a good thing that Ricky may play up about 40 minutes from where I live and that Mark Vick’s professional career might start and end this month – because if they played together the only good thing to come out of it would be the Patriots win/loss record.


Written by M.

May 4, 2006 at 4:46 pm

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