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More Spring – Quick hits

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Thanx to the NFL and the impending ‘Black Friday’, I’ve decided to cut the fat and just make a quick line-type predictions for the rest of the MLB – I’ll write up a Jays one, but that shall come later.

NL East:
NY Mets (Right team, right place)
Atlanta (NL Wild Card winner)
Philadelphia (Good, but not good enough – yet)

AL West:
Oakland (They just barely lost last year, and should be able to pull it off this year)
LA Angels (Still need more offence)
Texas (Good team in an excellent division)

AL Central:
Chicago White Sox (powerhouse team that only improved in the offseason)
Cleveland (Will be hard-pressed to match the Sox)
Detroit (!) (If they can stay healthy and the rookies their hitting and pitching should get them to .500)
Minnesota (Good pitching but little else)
KC Royals (No surprise here)


Down across the border, the #1 league in America is taking a huge hit – the NFLPA and the NFL are no longer on speaking terms as talks are falling apart like a Russian car on a salted highway. Teams are preparing to cut their star players so they can fit under the new cap and the situation is “about as dire as dire can be” according to NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue. This is almost zero-hour now – will yr favorites make the cut? Already my star-running back from my fantasy team – Mr. Mike Anderson – has been cut off, as has all-around awesome guy Sam Adams; now rumors of Warrick Dunn being kicked off the Falcons offence are floating around.

Will this be a strike of NHL proportions? Will we see scab-player football? Will I have to cut up my Steelers T-shirts as Hines Ward signs with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers?

No saying – right now there’s more questions then there are answers… but one thing looks all but certain – tomorrow’s NFL has the potential to be a very different NFL then yesterday’s…


Written by M.

March 2, 2006 at 7:24 pm

Posted in baseball, MLB

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