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Last Night

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Last night history was made right before my very eyes – and I didn’t even see it happen.

It started just a few minutes into the third quarter of the Raptors/Lakers game, with the Raptors ahead by something like 15… It was not too late (11pm, maybe) and I was watching the game on The Score and wwas assuming that the game was, for all purposes, already over – I mean, come on, who blows a lead like that, right?

Well, apparently the Raptors do…

The hammer started to fall just before I turned the channel – the Raps missed a shot and Kobe ran it over for a quick 3 – to watch the latest episode of Trailer Park Boys. It wasn’t until I went to bed, close to two hours later, that I heard the news:

Kobe didn’t just drop the hammer on the Raptors – he fucking smashed the thing down. He went insane, scoring a mind-blowing 52 points in the second half – more then the rest of his team combined! Suddenly this game, the same one I had wrote off as another meaningless win for the Raptors, had turned into a historic night, one that will be replayed on ESPN Classic in the wee small hours…

Maybe I’ll watch it then.


Written by M.

January 23, 2006 at 8:38 pm

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