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Those Fools were unprepared

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Editor’s Note: Due to a recent major events in the author’s life, his original column – a commentary on Toronto, the state of the Argonauts and the NBA in Canada – has been delayed until possibly next week. In it’s place, we were able to procure the following from M while he was in the midst of a betting frenzy after Mike Anderson was pulled from the Dallas / Denver games… what follows is a verbatim transcript, pulled directly from M himself:

Jesus Murphy, what happened? Yesterday it was so clear out, not a cloud in the sky… today we have over a foot of snow being dumped on this irrational town as the people scamper about like crazed chickens. At the local supermarket yesterday, I overheard a produce clerk talking about his hometown: “Yeah, we got two feet of snow… And now they want to open the skiing hills, too! In this weather! Can you imagine those fools thinking that they can pull this off?”… Well, I suppose that he was the fool there – The Snow is packing it deep now, and the ground is surely frozen.

I was watching the game today and talking to my friend Larry when the snow began to fall down, blanketing the ground and the houses with a thick powder that was wet and almost impossible to remove… he began to curse as his high-powered satellite dish lost it’s connection and severed him from the game, his feed falling apart like Warren Dunn exploding through the Lions defensive line… I laughed at him; he was an unprepared fool that had no real bearing on how to handle serious football viewing. He was unprepared for such an event, just like how the Lions were unprepared for Dunn, Vick and the Falcons defensive unit…

Did you see the way that Warren Dunn was able to wiggle and stretch his way through the Lions secondary? Or the way that Michael Vick was able to single-handedly out pass three Lions quarterbacks in only 3 quarters? The Falcons did something today that I thought was impossible – embarrass somebody from Detroit. The fourth quarter hadn’t even started and the fans were leaving in droves, making the Stadium seem dead and empty… The Lions have no excuse for folding up like that, none at all. This was Vick at his prime, the way that he managed to excite us in what now seems like so long ago, when nobody cared what his numbers were like, only that he may run or pass or scramble madly and do both.

This, of course, made no difference to me – my thanksgiving was many moons ago.


Written by M.

November 25, 2005 at 2:24 am

Posted in football, NFL

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