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T.O. was Right-O

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Well, it appears that Donovan McNabb will indeed be getting the surgery that he needed sometime during this season, instead of waiting until the end of the year. And you know what this means: It looks like TO was right; at least on some level.

I see T.O. as two different people. One is a fantastically talented and smart Wide receiver who ranks among the best ever to play the game. The other is a selfish loudmouth who can single-handedly take a team down without much of an effort. We all remember how he danced on the Star in Dallas, how he made what will be remembered as “Son of The Catch” in the playoffs a few years ago. We all remember his Joe Namathish remarks about playing in the Super Bowl with a broken leg – which he did do. He all remember the loudmouthed antics of TO, how he acts like Jim McMahon and makes an ass out of himself. But we all like to forget his talent, the reason the Eagles wanted him in the first place.

Love him or hate him, he is one of the best Wide receivers in the NFL. This year he scored his 100th touchdown, in less then nine full seasons. He played through an injury that would have season-ending in the Superbowl – making 9 catches for 122 yards. He averaged a touchdown per game for five years in a row. He is tied with Jerry Rice with more then 5 seasons of 13 touchdowns or more. He has made plays that for any other player would be unforgettable, but for him are utterly forgotten.

Remember when he tore down those signs in Cleveland? And we all faulted him for what was essentially standing up for his team? He had the right attitude, but we all hated him for it. And then when he doubted McNabb we all called him “detrimental to the team”?

Well guess what: He was right again. And you, the typical sports fan, cannot stand it. You hate him for being right. You hate it that we all knew he was right all along and that we still disagreed because we all hate him so damn much. But he’s the one laughing now: He’s getting paid to sit around, he’ll have every team wanting him for next year and we’ll be the one apologizing because we all doubted him.

If TO was anybody, anyone at all, other then T.O. we’d agree with him. Applaud him, even. But he isn’t someone else. He’s T.O. and we hate it that a loudmouthed, selfish player is the one who was right all along.


Written by M.

November 17, 2005 at 8:41 pm

Posted in football, NFL

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